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    5 Productivity hacks for web designers that works
    Are you planning to pursue your career as a web designer? If yes, then you need to know some of the result-oriented tips to deliver a high quality content and design. It is extremely essential to perpetuate a productive mindset, as it will assist you in deploying your valuable time more effectively.

    The best way to transfer a website seamlessly
    There are several reasons you may want to transfer your website to another host. Perhaps you've found a better price on hosting elsewhere, or you've outgrown your current host's capacity. You may also find a faster web host or one with better SEO variables. When the time comes to make the transfer, there is a clear, reliable choice in how to b […] managed WordPress hosting review
    During the last years, managed WordPress hosting has become one of the most popular hosting solutions for WordPress sites. In this article, I'll show you how easy it is to create a website on and discuss the benefits of their offer.

    3 Awesome tips to make migrating your WordPress blog easier
    Thinking of migrating your WordPress blog? There are risks when migrating your WordPress blog from one host to another such as long website downtime and data loss. If you need help in migrating to a new web host or deciding which backup plugins to use, then read up on this post. These awesome tips will help make migrating your WordPress blog a lot easier and […]

    Experimental CSS pseudo-classes and pseudo-elements
    In my previous article, I've showcased new HTML and CSS features to look forward in 2018. In this post, I'm digging a bit deeper and showing some experimental CSS pseudo-classes and pseudo-elements that will soon provide lots of new possibilities for developers.

    5 exciting new HTML and CSS features to look forward to in 2018
    HTML and CSS are always evolving, offering front-end devs and web designers a lot of new possibilities. Today, let's have a look at 5 really exciting new HTML and CSS features for creating better websites in 2018.

    Ecommerce strategies for setting prices
    Taking the time to explore e-commerce strategies for setting prices ahead of time will help your store find the sweet spot where you’re charging customers enough to stay competitive, but not so much they abandon their shopping carts and head elsewhere.

    Top 10 CatsWhoCode posts from 2017
    Happy New Year! I wish you an exciting and fulfilling year 2018, as well as lots of new knowledge and achievements. To celebrate, I have compiled a list of the 10 most loved articles published on CatsWhoCode last year.

    No more anonymity: Directing traffic to your WordPress blog
    Blogging is a journey which can help you to make a lucrative career. Some people might be receiving bulk visits to their blogs but the visitors simply bounce away immediately after opening the page. It is common bloggers, who are new to blogging, to post a lot of content and struggle for getting traffic on their blogs. In that case, you need to follow the gu […]

    Figuring out the best keywords for your business blog
    If you’re already started or are thinking of beginning a blog that’s intended to promote your business, you probably understand the marketing potential behind such an endeavor. Maybe you’re hoping the blog will bring people to your website so that they can see what you have to offer. Or perhaps you already have a popular site but are hoping the blog can be u […]