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    8 Best WordPress Events Plugins – Calendars, Venues, Tickets + More
    If you’re planning to display events on your website, one of these WordPress events plugins is going to give you a lot more flexibility than trying to do things manually. Such plugins can help you create and manage events from right inside your WordPress dashboard. Then, they’ll help you show those events on the front-end of your site in a.... Continue Readi […]

    Consulting WordPress Theme Review: A Great Option For Business Websites
    As the not-so-subtle name suggests, Consulting is a consulting WordPress theme from popular Envato Power Elite Author, StylemixThemes. It’s packed with features that make it a great option for consulting and finance businesses. And while much of the marketing copy focuses on those two niches, after playing around with Consulting, I think it’s definitely flex […]

    Selling WordPress Themes Today – An Interview with Pixelgrade
    The WordPress theme market continues to go strong. Despite running for several years and established large players in the field, saturation hasn’t set in. There is still space for innovation and newcomers. In the past we have already shone a light on some of them like Press75 and Macho Themes. In this post, we want to do the same with.... Continue Reading Th […]

    Kinsta Review: Real Test Data + My Likes And Dislikes
    Kinsta is a performance-oriented managed WordPress host that’s powered by Google Cloud Platform, which is the same hardware running Google’s own products (maybe you’ve heard of Google?). In the past, Kinsta was almost exclusively a premium host, with prices starting at $100. That’s changed now, though. Beginning in November 2017, Kinsta completely relaunched […]

    How to Implement a Paywall on Your WordPress Site
    There are various ways you can monetize your WordPress site – affiliate links, banner advertising, and contextual ads are just some of the ways you can make money from people visiting your site. A paid content model is a less popular option, but one that can work quite well if you publish high quality content and think that people will.... Continue Reading T […]

    How to Start a WordPress Blog (Step by Step Guide)
    When was the last time you had a wonderful idea that just had to be talked about? Do you have a remarkable story from your trip to Spain or several cool tricks you’ve learned from your years as a gardener? Everyone has a story that begs for exposure, and a blog gives you the tools to get out there and.... Continue Reading The post How to Start a WordPress Bl […]

    How To Add A Navigation Menu To WordPress: Beginner’s Guide
    Are you struggling with how to add a navigation menu to WordPress? WordPress actually includes a fairly user friendly interface to help you add menus to WordPress without needing to know any code. But unless you’re already familiar with WordPress, it can still be difficult to dive in and create your first menu. In this post, I’ll show you everything.... Cont […]

    How to Make Sure Your Site Is Printer-Friendly and How to Enable It In WordPress
    As a website owner, you’ve probably made sure to do everything you can to provide your readers and visitors with the best user experience possible. But, have you ever considered the possibility that some of your readers might want to print out your article or a page on your site? Making your website printer-friendly might not be at the top.... Continue Readi […]

    The Ultimate Guide On How To Choose A Domain Name
    If you want to launch a website, you’re going to need a domain name. Makes sense, right? Domain names are how people find websites on the Internet, so it’s not like you can just skip the whole thing. But as simple as those words in your browser address bar look, they can be surprisingly difficult to come up with. Trust.... Continue Reading The post The Ultim […]

    Related Posts Plugin by Bibblio – Are You Using It Yet?
    One of the hardest tasks as a website owner is how to maximise engagement and keep your audience on your site. We all know that website conversions increase the more pages your visitor’s view. But encouraging users to ‘look around’ your website and spend time browsing the content can prove extremely difficult. In this guide we look at how using.... Continue […]