John Maeda: Keynote by John Maeda
    He is the past President of Rhode Island School of Design and formerly eBay‘s Chair of their Design Advisory Board. He is also the recipient of many awards, including the Smithsonian Institution National Design Award.

    Jason Coleman: Transitioning From Consulting to Products
    This talk will be helpful for any WordPress developers or consultants who are thinking of building products of their own. I’ll use our own story as one example of how to do this, with advice that should helpful for businesses and freelancers looking to increase the value of their consulting services, add revenue streams from products, or transition 100% into […]

    Empowering Speakers: A Journey to Encourage Women and Diverse Groups at WordCamps
    When more people from underrepresented groups start speaking at WordPress events, everybody benefits. At WordCamp Vancouver, we started by focusing on women. In 2013, not many had applied. The following year, three times as many women applied and fully half of selected speakers were women. This dramatic shift was no accident. My talk will share how we accomp […]

    Jeff Running, Rachel Cherry, Scott Berkun, Steven Speicher: Managing Big WordPress Sites
    An extremely engaging moderated discussion of the challenges that face large WordPress sites with 100s or 1000s of users. Come learn lessons and hear advice on managing user needs and providing tools that make site management easier for everyone.

    Amy Fawcett and Julie Pham: Practical WordPress Marketing for Nonprofits
    Are you a small, ambitious nonprofit with lots of programs but a little marketing budget? Is it hard to show what you do on your WordPress website because your org just does so many different things? Do you need help maximizing your WordPress site’s potential to market your mission? In this session, we’ll share 3 cost-effective ways of promoting your nonprof […]

    Gian Wild: Mobile Accessibility
    Unfortunately, when developing WCAG2, the Working Group did not envision the current world where mobile is almost ubiquitous. For example, on a mobile device there is no continual access to a keyboard (unless someone is using it as an add-on to the device – or using a Blackberry Classic). WCAG2 requires that all content be accessible to the keyboard interfac […]

    Ben Byrne: Accelerating Custom Development With Dynamic Scaffolding and WP-CLI
    In trying to figure out how to build better WordPress sites faster, we at Cornershop have developed an approach that leverages WP-CLI to dynamically inject configurable, pre-written code (HTML, PHP, JS and SASS) into our in-house starter theme. This novel approach speeds up our custom development work by letting us quickly assemble oft-used functionality wit […]

    Dwain Maralack: How WordPress taught me to be an Engineer
    "Going from hacking all the things to engineering solutions because I have open access to the WP Community and the WordPress source code. I’ll touch on my journey, Software Engineering within the WP context and how one can become better by being part of the WordPress community."

    Saied Abbasi: Death Of The Media Query
    This talk will explore browser-compatible innovations in CSS that you should start employing in place of media queries. The end result will save time and create more adaptive web experiences. We will walkthrough practical use cases for the calc() function, Flexbox, and CSS Grid.

    Andrea Middleton: WordPress Is a Banquet
    WordPress now powers over 28% of the web, and it’s built and maintained by hundreds of contributors all over the world. There are as many ways to contribute to WordPress as there are dishes in a feast! In this talk, we’ll look at some recipes for successful contributions followed by people who’ve made a big impact on WordPress. There’s room for you at this t […]

    Chris Muller: The Digital Nomad
    The term ‘Digital Nomad’ refers to people who are location independent (nomad) and can still perform their job through the use of technology (digital). That sounds awesome, doesn’t it? Well, today thousands of people agree and practice this modern lifestyle, and it is only trending upwards! It’s not difficult to imagine why this has gained such popularity du […]

    Noel Tock: Product-Driven Websites: Achieving Results from Day One
    How do you design and make decisions for the WordPress websites you build? As competition increases, the process through which websites are produced will become increasingly important. In his talk, Noel will tackle this challenge from a product-focused approach – to help you build more successful websites, quicker.

    Sakin Shrestha: Building a Theme Business: My Story
    “I will be sharing my experiences in the theme business sector and the ways to succeed on it during my speech. I will be presenting many ideas, views, concepts, and strategies to elongate one’s Theme Business by emphasizing my own personal story. I, like any other person, have had many ups and downs in my professional life and I have had to make many changes […]

    Phylecia Jones: How WordPress Freelancers Can Stop Sucking at Budgeting
    “Slowly going into debt? Not taking a salary? Managing that thin line of business and personal finances is a very big elephant in the room for many entrepreneurs. Budgetologist, Phylecia Jones draws from her own journey of managing money, and from the many obstacles she has witnessed with business owners, to address the 7 core principles it takes to stop suc […]

    Micah Wood and Bill Robbins: Introduction to the WordPress REST API
    A friendly introduction to the WordPress REST API for both developers and non-developers. Learn what all the hype is about with the REST API, discover why you might want to use it and dig in with real-life examples and business scenarios. Takeaways: A better understanding of what the REST API is, what the use cases are for it and the business reasons why it […]

    Ashleigh Axios: Design and Authentic Communication
    Join Ashleigh Axios for behind-the-scenes insights into how communication design and community building were developed in-house at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue during the Obama administration. Ashleigh will show-and-tell how her small design team transformed daunting challenges into successful digital campaigns. Behind the projects, hear her team’s scalable tact […]

    Kathy Drewein: Psst! Clients Aren’t Telling You the Truth
    Maybe it’s about a project that’s gone off track or a website workflow that’s confusing. Or maybe they’re not sharing their thoughts on ways their business could grow its sales or improve operations. By demonstrating your ability to be truly authentic at each step in the process, you can aim toward creating projects that are more collaborative and ultimately […]

    Gordon Seirup: Entrepreneurship: Living the Dream or the Tower of Terror?
    Gather ’round folks, it’s story time! It’s a semi-true story, believe it or not. I made up a few things and there’s some I forgot. From Rocky Mountain highs to scraping bottom face-first, I’ll recount my experience in entrepreneurship over the last quarter century. It’ll be funny, heart-wrenching, and you may even learn something. Takeaway: Entrepreneurship […]

    Laura Nelson: Easing the anxious mind: dealing with anxiety in the workplace
    It’s estimated that 1 in 6 people in the UK suffers from ongoing anxiety problems. However, there’s still so much stigma surrounding the issue, that it rarely gets discussed openly. This has resulted in people with anxiety feeling like they have to suffer in silence, and employers not fully understanding the condition. In Laura’s talk, she’ll share her perso […]

    Ana Laura Mora: Empoderamiento Digital de Mujeres
    En el marco actual de la comunicación digital y el periodismo, las mujeres ocupan un espacio primordial, lo que ha llevado a muchas mujeres a empoderarse lanzado nuevos negocios casi totalmente en línea o cuya comunicación es totalmente online. Son las tiendas, consultorías, profesionales independientes, etc, quienes utilizan rrss, blogs y otras plataformas […]

    Brian Stinar: Using Arrays as Plugin Variables … Or Why I Should Patch Core
    For one of our customers, we required variable length arguments to be passed into plugin configuration options. WordPress core only supports scaler (single variable) assignment. So, we modified the plugin itself to support this. This talk will be a line-by-line code review on the work we did. The talk will be split between PHP and jQuery. Proficiency at both […]

    Jeanie Walker and Teri Shelton: Partnerships And Good Business
    Two are smarter than one! We know the benefits of a good business partner, but is a partnership right for you? Learn what it takes to partner up and grow your business. We’ll walk you through best practices and tips to help you understand what it takes to forge a rich, rewarding professional partnership. Whether you’re toying with the idea or can’t wait to g […]

    Phil Ward: Coding your career
    Digital is constantly changing and that means that developers have to change as well. With so many different possibilities, how do you build a rewarding career for yourself? Where do you even start? This talk will explore how to find out the things you’re really interested in when it comes to your job, create a personal learning plan, and market those skills […]

    Franz Vitulli: Product as a mindset
    There has never been a time in the history of humanity when it was easier to build cool stuff. But whilst we usually think “building” is a developer trait, everyone in the greater WordPress community is building something. We don’t just build websites or apps: we build relationships, audiences, teams, careers, you name it. Being a “product person” is a menta […]

    Izzy Crouch: How to politely market your digital product
    This talk is aimed at anyone who is considering developing a digital product or SaaS, but will also be relevant to anyone wanting to learn more about marketing. There is much information available on the internet about how to market a digital product, but a lot of it is terrifying to the average developer, involving techniques that can make your skin crawl j […]