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    Top 30 Travel WordPress Themes for 2018
    We all have a desire to travel. Curiosity, thirst for new discoveries, eagerness to experience the world and its wonders and desire to be fully present in every moment of our lives. However, people often compromise their desire to travel with everyday life and cast implementation of their traveling plans aside. Moreover, the aim of every travelling website i […]

    30 Most Popular WordPress Themes For 2018
    The WordPress market is growing, the number of themes is increasing. Such moves require better quality and the unique ideas in a theme development. The industry leaders change the rules of creating a “professional WordPress theme” all end users dream to get, and all theme providers try to reach. The templates in the following collection became the most popul […]

    20 Best Fitness and Gym WordPress Themes for 2018
    This is a collection of best WordPress themes created for the fitness related websites, and these are developed specially for gym and fitness center sites to make sure that you can easily promote your business with a great looking site. If you are running your fitness related business, you are a gym owner or a personal trainer and want to promote your busine […]

    25 Best Food Blog WordPress Themes for 2018
    Food blogging is one of the most popular blogging niches especially among female bloggers if you can create a good quality blog about food I’m sure you will be able to drive tons of traffic. With the rise of social media sites like Pinterest, driving traffic to hobby blogging like food niche has become slightly easier because good looking delicious food imag […]

    35 Best Feminine WordPress Themes for 2018
    A collection of the best feminine WordPress themes which are specially designed for women bloggers and female oriented websites. The number of women blogger has increased over the last few years, and a majority of them are taking this as a full-time profession. There is some niche business related websites as well which are specially created for females, so […]

    30 Best Music WordPress Themes for 2018
    A collection of best Music WordPress themes for bands, singers, artists and other musicians. If you are into any music-related venture, having a website with a nice professional design will help you to make that impression required. Music is an extremely important part of our life and as the internet is growing the number of people turning towards the intern […]

    20+ Best WordPress Slider Plugins for 2018
    WordPress slider plugins can bring in a lot of value to your site regarding improving look and feel of the site. However, you need to make sure that you use a good quality well-coded slider plugin else it will increase the loading time of your site to a huge extent. Sliders are always considered as one of the most effective tools to attract users attention t […]

    30 Best WordPress Themes for Freelancers in 2018
    Want to become a freelancer? Here is a collection of best WordPress themes for freelancers to create your profile, showcase your work and get more customers for your services. We have collected the best from the lot in this article and hope you will find the theme of your choice here. Being your boss can give you the most satisfying work experience and a lot […]

    PageSpeed Theme Review: Is This Theme By SwiftThemes Really That Swift?
    When it comes to website success, speed is considered to be one of the most important factors that has an impact on its search rankings and user experience. No matter what niche you may be working in; having a website with fast loading time and quick navigation is an asset that can help you attract customers as well as search engines to your website. Though […]

    20+ Best Drag and Drop WordPress Themes for 2018
    Drag and drop WordPress themes are the life saver for newbie WordPress users. In fact, the drag and drop themes have changed the face how WordPress works, and the huge success of this platform can be attributed to this kind of themes which made the platform user-friendly. No matter, you are a beginner or a seasoned WordPress user, you can’t deny the fact tha […]