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    5 Reasons Why WordPress is the Best Option for Restaurants & Cafes
    A great-looking website inspires confidence in your brand and your food while giving you an edge over your competition. It’s not just about giving yourself an online makeover. With WordPress, there are free and premium resources dedicated for restaurants, cafes, and bars at your fingertips. This article is packed with apps that streamline your work Read More […]

    Top 20 Web Designing Companies of the World
    The world of internet marketing and e-commerce has made it essential for all businesses to have an online presence. However, many businesses may not be specialized enough to create their own sites. Web designing is a field where specialist agencies handle the requirements of the clients to build and design their specific websites. Sometimes words Read More → […]

    Beaver Builder Review – Is It Really Worth The Hype
    The real beauty of WordPress is its flexibility and easy to use. Recently, a more robust way of building WordPress websites has been landed in the market and is crowded with a lot of WordPress tools aka. Plugins called Page Builders. A Page Builder is a tool that upgrades the default WordPress content editor to Read More → The post Beaver Builder Review – Is […]

    Top 20+ SEO Companies in the World
    The main job of the SEO companies is to help businesses grow and receive higher ranking from the search engines and in return expand their business operations. The main functions of the SEO companies are to create content and establish high-quality links. The results help the companies to analyze and produce effective results and manage Read More → The post […]

    How to Setup Google AMP in WordPress
    Seeing that the world has nearly 5 billion mobile users, this is high time to make websites and online content adaptive with the small screen and processing power of our smartphones. For this reason, currently, an open source project is in vogue – Google AMP. AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. It is designed to Read More → The post How to Setup Google […]

    Make Bookings Easier with the ReDi Restaurant Booking Plugin
    The ReDi Restaurant Booking plugin for WordPress allows for restaurants to manage their bookings in one convenient plugin. The creators of this plugin realized that one of the hardest parts of running a restaurant is the amount of reservations that come pouring in. Whether through a phone call or online, reservations can become difficult to manage because th […]

    WP ACF-VC Bridge Review: The Plugin That Has It All
    This particular plugin combines two separate plugins into a single giant. By combining the powers of Visual Composer and Advanced Custom Fields, the WP ACF-VC bridge has everything you would want from a plugin. WP ACF-VC Bridge includes ACF PRO plugin ($25 worth) that makes it an awesome deal and attracts my attention too. However, the Read More → The post W […]

    Essential – The Minimalist WordPress Theme Review
    Essential is a modern minimalist theme in the WordPress market and it is perfect for any website designer who has a love for something that is simple and sophisticated. Let us explore more about this theme and the features it is embedded with. What is the Essential Theme? Essential is a WordPress theme which works Read More → The post Essential – The Minimal […]

    7 Tips to Beat the Hackers Who Want to Destroy Your WordPress Site
    Hackers are the vandals of the Internet. They get their kicks by defacing and wreaking carnage on your property, in this case, your website. That they ruin your hard work is bad enough, but when that results in a loss of income, it can be soul destroying. Just as a burglar will take advantage of Read More → The post 7 Tips to Beat the Hackers Who Want to Des […]

    Now You Can Create Facebook Apps with WordPress!
    Just as the title of this review suggests, you can use now install and activate a plugin called “Create Facebook Apps with WordPress” and just as the name of the plugin suggests, you can use this plugin to create a Facebook app centered around your website. Isn’t it an amazing concept? The possibilities are endless Read More → The post Now You Can Create Fac […]